Monday, June 23, 2008

A Change of Scene

This post is not directly related to Jane, but still of interest to those of us with a literary bent.

I have recently become aware of a new site that holds great potential to those of us who like books in any form.
My Mother The Fearless Ebayer recently bought me a couple of CDs that had recordings of two Jane-related works, Jane's Love and Friendship ("Beware of fainting fits, beware of swoons"...ring any bells?) and James Edward Austen-Leigh's Memoir of Jane Austen. She was really excited as both books cost her a grand total of $6 with shipping and handling.

When I put them in my car stereo to listen to them, I discovered they are free recordings made available through a website.
The site,, is devoted to making available free audio recordings of books in the public domain. Of course, this includes works by our favorite author (evidently there is a large group of Janeites active on the forums), but also books by Elizabeth Gaskell, Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More, and many others. I was very excited to find four completed volumes of Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Short stories, poetry; basically anything that can be read can be found there.

Volunteers coordinate and read each book from text found at another site,, and then post them- FREE- on librivox. From there, you can click on a link to subscribe to the book via podcast on iTunes, effectively giving yourself a free audiobook recording. The great thing about this is that as long as it is in the public domain, anything can be read, and the administrators take suggestions from anyone who has a book they want read. There is at this moment a project to record all of Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho, and there is a fourth project reading Pride and Prejudice. Volunteers are needed both to coordinate and to read different chapters. There are forums set up for suggestions and to guide people through the process.

I hope you will all go check this site out. It is a brilliant idea that can bring wonderful writing to people who otherwise have no access to it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

RL has been a bear the last couple of weeks (as evidence by my lack of posts), but one highlight was the opportunity I took of (finally!) watching the recently aired BBC production of Sense and Sensibility, which I Tivo'd at my parent's house.

I loved this adaptation. And I do not like Sense and Sensibility as a general rule, Marianne irritates me to death.

This production was in keeping with the quality of the ITV productions from last year, and were beautifully adapted. There are many improvements over the Emma Thompson version from 1996; Harry Dashwood (perfectly cast!) makes an appearance, and Mrs. Ferrars is a stern and intimidating figure. My favorite casting decision, though, was David Morrisey as Col. Brandon. He is the right age, moderately handsome with an air about him, and exactly as described in the book. Overall, this was a delightful production that I cannot wait to add to my DVD collection.


I, like many of my fellow readers, have been anxiously awaiting the next post of Half Such a Sum. This week, we finally were rewarded for our patience.

And shocked to death when all of a sudden, the words "Epilogue" flashed across my screen.

Half is over???

Shelby had been warning us for some time, but it was still a shock to my sensibilities. This is the end of an era, and I really nearly cried to see it end. The story ended in a sweet way, without answering many of the questions burning in my mind. The epilogue answered all but one of those questions... namely, whether or not Georgiana and Edmund Metcalfe are allowed to marry. I think there is a large contingent of us who would love to see that; as a reformed rake is always the best kind of husband to have.

I loved that Isabella got her comeuppance over Craigmore, that Craigmore got his just desserts (just as good as seeing him die in a pirate's captivity of spattergroit!), and that all who should be together are together in the end. Still, perhaps there will be another story? In which that one question is answered?

Shelby, this is epic. We, your readers, will forever be grateful that you shared it with us.

Half is posted on HG.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visiting Hunsford

Things are hopping over at AHA right now.

I was sorry to see a very good thing come to an end today as CaseyC posted the final chapter of her clever little story Single Until... (Rated MA). This has been a fun and witty read. I love anything that combines Jane Austen with references to Manolo Blahnik!

But, as is often the case, when one story completes, another begins. Today, there were two new beginnings, Worlds Apart and It Was Bliss.

In my book, Spock was always the sexiest alien thing on two legs. Even more than Captain Kirk or even (gulp!) Khan. (Really, it almost pains me to write that last bit...) For those who agree with me, we have a new story to drool over. Worlds Apart (Rated R/MA and written by newcomer rev_jo) is set in a not-so-distant future when we have Made Contact. As is often the case, D'arcy is royalty, or the alien equivalent thereof, and coming to mingle with those of us who...well, aren't. This story has an excellent beginning, and I hope that a new chapter will post soon- I am curious to see exactly how D'arcy reacts to our dear Miss Bennet.

Zuki's T-rated It Was Bliss is slightly more traditional, and is (gulp!) promising a bit of angst. I did manage, however, to take myself in hand and read the story anyway. I can definitely see some angst starting, and I have some theories on what form that angst will take, but I will not reveal any of that here. According to the author's note, this story does not follow canon, but does keep the E&D pairing together; therefore, I can read knowing all will turn out in the end. As this story opens, an hung-over Elizabeth wakes in a strange room, with a man behind her. Need we speculate as to who this will be? I already love this characterization of William, he is so adorably sweet!

And don't forget to participate in May is for Merriment before it ends this weekend! There are some hysterical quickies posted in the Authors section, including one of my own humbling offerings. Check them out and enjoy the hilarity!

Shocked and Amused!

I am all astonishment!

In our oh-so-scientific, terribly-accurate, and completely-reliable poll, not only did Colin Firth LOSE to Matthew McFayden, he lost by 9 votes! NINE VOTES, PEOPLE!!!!

I really am blown away! When I put this poll up, I was certain our dear Mr. Firth would win by a long-shot. I have been proven wrong. Dear Mr. McFayden has quite a following.

And thank you to the record-setting number of people who voted! Particularly to those who voted "both" or "no tomatoes" with me- there are a small faction of us and we should stick together!

Final Results:

Colin Firth: 50
Matthew McFayden: 59
Both: 8
No Tomatoes: 4

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making Out His Character

I love men in skin-tight suits. What's been even more exciting is imagining Darcy in a skin-tight suit.

Fortunately there is now another story in which I can indulge myself. The Dark Knight is posted at AHA, and puts Darcy into Super Hero mode as a kind of Batman-type character who spends his days as a respectable businessman, and his nights fighting crime in the city. And all the Super Darcy fans cry "huzzah"!

What's more, author ElizabethC has racheted up the plot with a woman who rescues the Knight (much to his chagrin) and a really cool, evil supervillian!

Perhaps I can be selfish (since there is no hope of a cure!) and ask for a new chapter tonight??

High Diversion

"So," you may ask, "what is diverting you this week, Sarah?" And I would answer, "A Noteworthy Courtship, of course!"

I love this story, written by Laura S. and posted on DWG. It revolves around a rather improper exchange of notes between Darcy and Elizabeth. To make it even funnier, neither knows with whom they are corresponding! Of course, Darcy is taken in by Elizabeth's wit and teasing, while she attempts to put down the man's arrogance.

I can't wait for more!

If She Had Ever Learnt

I must admit to being enthralled by several stories this week.

One of them is Miscommunication. This modern is one of the sweetest and most poignant stories I have read in a long time, having one of the strongest representations of Anne I have ever read. If you haven't read it, Miscommunication is a what-if; suppose Anne was terminally ill, and Darcy married her to see she was properly cared for in her remaining years? I am so impressed with the representation of illness and the sensitivity with which JulietR handles some of the deeper themes of this story.

This week's post shows William getting away from his life, while Elizabeth and Jane are planning a quiet vacation. Imagine who will meet up next?

Miscommunication is posted on AHA and HG.

Monday, May 19, 2008

May Merriment!

In honor of the month of May, AHA is holding a May is for Merriment game for writers, readers, and lurkers all!

To join, suggest a plot bunny that you have always want to seen written in the Plot Bunnies section. You can also pick one to write on yourself. The quickies are posted in the Authors section. The quickies cannot be beta'd- just posted as-is. And there are some funny stories posted!

I've already suggested a couple of plot bunnies, and I've been inspired by a couple of suggestions. It might even motivate me to get off my rear and do some of my own writing.

Either a writer or a suggester be, but get involved- this is already hysterically funny!
Kudos to whoever came up with this!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Great Reader...

I hate to admit this, but I'm in the middle of another marathon read. TraceyKay posted to Action and Reaction today on HG, and despite the fact the "goto" link says I've read this before, I remember nothing. That hasn't stopped the story from getting under my skin!

Set in Canada, Elizabeth has a career in foreign affairs, and meets Darcy when she and Jane (a dentist) crash a party Charles is holding in his home. There is a crazy little scene in which Elizabeth passes herself off as Darcy's girlfriend to keep him safe from Caroline, and then there is the scene that (had I been drinking) might have caused liquid to leak from my mouth.

I'm sure there was some drool. This was SO completely drool-worthy!

The scene I'm referring to involves a bachelor auction, and our heartthrob being forced into taking a walk down that particular catwalk! Can I get a shout of appreciation from the ladies in the group???

TraceyKay, this is a great story, and I might be up all night reading it. Just thought you should know.

Oh, Mr. Collins!

I had a laugh-out-loud moment today reading the latest chapter of Sirius' Intentions. Mr. Collins, in a pique of cleverness, attempted to compromise Lizzy. But of course, we all know that isn't going to work, don't we??

And of course, it didn't, causing one of the funniest scenes I've read in a long time.

Sirius' Intentions is posted on DWG, 50 Miles, and AHA.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lately, in London...

It is now a little after 1AM. I really should learn to control myself. But alas, I have yet again let myself be enticed into another marathon reading. This is NOT a good thing, as I am really trying hard to go to bed before 11. Really!

I just finished reading unina's lovely story Love and Acceptance. I had actually started this story some time ago, but didn't keep up with it. Which makes me think of my ongoing debate with myself- WIP??? Or Completed stories only??? I can make a good argument both ways. But today...well, I'm really glad I read a completed story!

Love and Acceptance tells the story of a lovably OCD Darcy and his enchantment with a free-spirited granola. This story had some wonderful moments...but I have to say, my favorites were Richard being afraid, VERY afraid, of Mary, the environmental ninja. When she attacked him at the Bennet house, I laughed my head off! I am also in awe of unina's wit; the story had me rolling with some of the slight barbs and descriptions!

Unina has also posted a vignette for Mother's Day, entitled Goddess. Both Goddess and Love and Acceptance are posted at HG and AHA, and are rated R/MA.

Now, unina, will we get another vignette in which we find out if Darcy overheard Mary correctly outside Liam's door? I'm really hoping for an odd-couple here!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At last!

My misery has been assuaged. Of Time Gone By has been updated!

How fortunate we are that Bekah listens to her reader's needs. Due in part to the outrage expressed after her last chapter ended in a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers (props to Bekah for that!), she was persuaded to post the next chapter 2 days early. Thank goodness! I for one was very worried for our dear hero.

Unfortunately, Bekah also has informed us that she will be unable to post for another couple of weeks, due to family commitments. I'm sure we all wish Bekah's family well, but I am equally sure I am not alone in hoping she can find her way clear to give us another chapter soon!

Of Time Gone By is posted at DWG.


I am sad to report Pick Me Up has been completed on AHA. Such a delightful piece of naughtiness! And the ending...well, whenever I need a good laugh, I'll be sure to think of Darcy's appearance on The Daily Show. What a pick-me-up!

Pick Me Up is definitely MA.

New Acquaintance!

How delighted I was to see a new offering from Sarah Hoyt posted on DWG today! Between the Night and the Morrow is her latest bit of P&P fantasy- and I'm already enthralled with the possibilities. As LE said in her comment, Elf Prince Darcy! What more could a girl want?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Such Felicity!

I was going to post and complain that Gaylelynnm's Expectations roused my anger with that dastardly cliffhanger at the end of her post yesterday. Instead, I find that patience is rewarded. Today she posted again, saying she didn't want us upset with her little cliffie. It was wonderful to find out who beat whom- though I thought for sure it would be...but you need to read the story to find out!

This story is definitely keeping me on my toes, and I do hope that (despite her warnings there will not be a post next Sunday because of Mother's Day) we will see the next chapter as usual.

Expectations is rated PG/T and posted at HG and AHA.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Hearts Are Broken

Pick Me Up had a new post this evening!  And dear sadriani noted at the beginning of the post there were only two more updates left!  The wailing, I'm sure, could be heard down the street.

Of course, that wailing, while certainly the wailing of a woman who would miss this story terribly, could also be construed as a cry of longing and joy, were I holding in my hot little hands a copy of The National Inquisition in which was... but I can't give away the plot!  It's way too good!

And Caroline!  I wonder if it was Dr. de Bourgh who caused her fingernails to be stubby?

Pick Me Up (posted at AHA) is rated MA for a reason, so please read responsibly.  If you are of age to read smut online, it's quite a laugh.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Philosophy

This month's poll question is quite popular.  Already, at 8 days in, we have had 34 votes!  Our last two polls have only garnered 52 and 54 votes, respectively, at the end of their time.  Wow!  I had no idea I had opened such debate with my question of Colin or Matthew.  

On the other hand, I should have known!

I Am Quite Enraptured!

For those of you keeping track, I have over the weekend completed my third move in 12 weeks.  I do sincerely hope and believe this will be the last move for a while.  And the best part of it is I have internet less than 48 hours after completing the move!  No piles of email to sort through! And more importantly, less time without my beloved fan fiction.

I was quite pleased to see new posts to The Suitors, Single Again.... and Pick Me Up.  I was absolutely thrilled to see that LE has not abandoned No More Tears during her stint with the KPB.  I shivered with anticipation at the twist Chance Encounters took, and I laughed at our favorite toady, Mr. Collins, in Sirius' Intentions.

Such delight!  There is nothing in the world to compare to it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Formally Introduced

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, DJClawson had announced the title of the next story in her excellent series that began with A Bit of Advice. The Chrysanthemum and the Rose is being posted right now on

As the title suggests to those who know something about Japanese history, this story is taking us to Japan, as also happened in Left To Follow. And if we are going to Japan, that can only mean samurai are not far behind! As I indicated in my previous post, this is good news to me!

If you are not up on the entire series, I suggest you look them up on either, HG, or AHA. They are also posted on her website here. Each of her stories are incredible- go check them out!


I have had difficulty all day in believing it to be Thursday. It cannot truly be Thursday without a post from Shelby and an update of Half Such A Sum. But alas, she is taking the week off from posting, and I have resigned myself to my fate with as good a grace as possible.

This is made easier, of course, when there are excellent posts to other stories, which is certainly the case today. An Engaging Friendship by AmyJ is just such a story. The parallel story to her Paths of Men, Friendship is telling the story of Elizabeth and Darcy's engagement that is only a minor subplot in the former. Today we finally had Elizabeth's answer to the proposal. Of course, we all know what that answer will be, but the details are always welcome! And now to London- in which Elizabeth will do a lot of shopping and try to avoid feeling affection for her betrothed.

An Engaging Friendship is posted on AHA.

Have You Heard??

Kudos to Kate, who today posted the first chapter of a new story entitled Pride and Education on DWG this evening. Already I am fascinated. Lydia, while still a bit silly, is showing sense!!

Of course, that might be due to Kate's creation of a Mrs. Carlisle, the governess Mrs. Bennet never engaged in the original story, and quite a formidable woman, if the first chapter's description is to be believed.

I am intrigued, and looking forward to the next chapter!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And so would Anne...

I really must mention LE's wonderful A Mother's Favorite Wish before I head to bed tonight.

This KPB has turned into one heck of a ride- from the prologue (as I told LE in chat- I nearly had a coronary when that chapter was over!) to the latest chapter, in which Mr. and Mrs. Darcy get some answers for Mrs. Bennet's strange behavior.

I cannot believe she thought this little bunny shouldn't have come into the world! Of course it should have! It's a fabulous bunny, and it deserves the day in the sun it is receiving!

A Mother's Favorite Wish is rated PG and posted at DWG, HG, and AI.

Elegant Females

Each week I love seeing a new post of Single Until... This last week's posts even combined one of my other passions- shoes!!!

“Think of it this way,” Jane sighed. “Here you are with a perfectly good man that you trust, who wants to be with you. There are so many men out there that aren’t worth your time. Why would you risk the chance of having to wear Candies if you know you can have a pair of Christian Louboutin’s?”

“Is it really that black and white? Isn’t it possible that those Christian Louboutin’s just aren’t my style and that I might find some perfect Manolo’s if I keep looking?”

Well said!

Right after I read this, I had to go check out Manolo the Shoeblogger's page to see if he had updated with a new article on shoes. In fact, I saw a gorgeous pair of Louboutins.... but I digress.

I am so in love with this is a witty fic, which not only feeds my JA addiction, but also reminds me to feed my inner fashionista.

Single Until... is posted on AHA.

Such Felicity!

Day 5 of the Sick Spell, and I am most displeased with my inability to shake this stuff. It is at times like these I wish Lady Catherine would miraculously appear to scold me into health with her numerous admonitions. Which reminds me....

I quite enjoyed What REALLY Happened at Rosings, posted on DWG by SandyL. A little short story about what actually happened when Elizabeth dined at Rosings Park, in which we learn of some scandalous, gratuitous touching that occurred under the table, when through happenstance Elizabeth is confronted with Darcy's muscular, stocking-clad leg.

Unfortunately, I could not allow myself to laugh for fear of a coughing fit.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Making Your Opinion Known

It would appear I am not the only person who appreciates Becoming Jane! 28 people out of 52 voted in favor of the recent fictionalized account of Jane's early years. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Gallery

I have had a head cold and throat croup for a couple of days now (gah! I can't sing! It's making me nuts!), and have been feeling particularly blue because of it. I was therefore happy to have some cheer thrown my way in the form of David, posted on AHA and HG. Happiness (in the form of a good short love story) is always helpful when recovering from a...well, whatever this is.

This is a delightful story about a Bennet family vacation to Florence, home of the Uffizi, the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, and Michelangelo's David. During a tour of the museum in which the David is held, Elizabeth finds... um, well, inspiration.

I was in need of a charming bit of romantic fluff today- after my experience watching Sweeney Todd (two of my favorite Broadway tunes have been ruined now!) and catching this cold over the weekend, David hit the spot and has restored my faith in humanity, which was sorely tested by the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Thank you Gabrielle!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Bit of Fish

Or Fudge, as the case may be.

Today, Mortie posted chapters 6-8 of her hilarious red-neck-esque Fudge on DWG, in which Davlin Fredricks meets Elise at a (very small) resort where she happens to work in northern Michigan. Not only does Elise make a questionable first impression, but it turns out Davlin is majorly OCD, and therefore makes an impression of his own. I think I can safely tell you it isn't good; that shouldn't give away too much plot!

This story has several clever lines, with my favorite being a quote from Labyrinth, which had me laughing my head off: "Fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave!" I'll leave you to find out how it fits into the story!

Fudge is posted on DWG and HG.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jane! Jane!

There are only 3 days left to vote in our poll- so please, let me know what you thought of Becoming Jane!

I Long for a Ball!

As I have not taken the opportunity to beg some of our esteemed authors recently, I felt it incumbent upon myself to do so today. There are several stories I would love to see continued, and several I have dearly missed in the past few weeks.

While I could put in another plea for GSTQ, or Savage, or any number of stories that have not posted in several weeks, I will instead join my voice with those wishing for another chapter of An Unexpected Song, Rika's awesome adaptation of Pride and Prejudice posted at HG and her own website on darcymania.

If you haven't read AUS, be prepared to be sucked in from the very beginning. I read it over the course of two days (my very first fan fiction marathon reading!) in 2005, and have anxiously followed every chapter since. Of particular interest to me is the music, as I am a vocalist myself and enjoy listening to the songs she posts as part of the storyline.

The premise? Elizabeth is a young vocalist who meets famed pianist William Darcy at the wedding rehearsal for Jane and Charles' wedding.

Rika, I must add my voice to the hue and cry that I am sure is hounding you day and night right now. We all look forward to the day you can post again!

An Unexpected Song has both adult and underage versions posted here. It can also be found at HG.

The Best Informed Mind

This afternoon I had the great pleasure to read both Missing in Action and Tactics and Punishment, by Katharina at DWG. It became very clear to me that while the Colonel might have had the better informed mind (in Elizabeth's opinion) at their introduction, some things do not age well.

The, General's mind seems to be slipping a bit, particularly in light of his attentions to his cousin Anne. Still, there is hope he might redeem himself. I can only hope Katharina will be persuaded to write us of his improvement.

I want to go to Brighton!

Or Boston, such as it is.

I have the sad office of announcing today that Game Seven, the charming P&P story that put Elizabeth, Darcy, and professional baseball in Nampa, ID (where I happen to reside), has been completed. It was a wild and woolly ride, especially that trip I took trying to locate Mansfield Park. Gabbi, if you are reading this, I'd really like to know where the park is located- I want to get tickets for the next time the Yankees and the White Sox are in town!

Darn it, I still can't find it! But at least I can go back and read this story in its entirety now, and dream of the day.

Good work Gabbi! Game Seven is rated MA and posted on AHA and HG.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy Nothings

The title for this post is very appropriate, as it is a quote from Mansfield Park, upon which there was posted a charming two-shot on AHA.

Two Innocents/Thornton Lacey are two Mansfield Park shorts that give us Edmund's point of view upon the occasion of his marriage with Fanny, and then, three years later, his frustration with her absence to visit her family in Portsmouth. This is a charming set of vignettes; in fact, they almost put me in good humor with Edmund- a character that I loathe in the original because of his hypocrisy.

Posted by LeonaW, the vignettes are rated T. If you like Mansfield Park, you will certainly like these. I recommend them!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I just clicked 'refresh' for the third time since turning on my computer 30 minutes ago, and guess what I found on AHA? A new post of Pick Me Up!

After nearly laughing my head off at last week's chapter (the part with Richard cussing out Darcy via a television camera was particularly amusing) I was anxious to see what might happen to our intrepid couple as they dealt with an orgy on Darcy's front lawn and the repercussions of having it splashed all over the evening news. I was not disappointed. My favorite part? The Caroline Bingley/Hannibal Lecter comparison. How appropriate!

This is rated NC-17/MA, and is therefore not for young readers, but anyone else should so check it out. Be sure not to drink while reading.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Such a favorite!

Only last month I was lamenting the loss of Angel of the Centerfold and Crescent City. Now I find I have new reasons to rejoice every week; I have a new favorite!

In a marathon read that took most of Friday evening and yesterday evening (after I got back from a long day) I have caught up with Bekah's wonderful story Of Time Gone By. This is an exciting take on the Pride and Prejudice story line- as it portrays the sweetest, yet most flawed Darcy I have ever had the pleasure of reading. After a brief flashback, the story opens in a traditional manner- the Netherfield party arriving at the Assembly ball, accompanied by Georgiana Darcy, and without Mr. Darcy. Her brother is a recluse; his behavior stemming from a disability he acquired during a childhood bout with brain fever, a disability neither understood nor tolerated in the early nineteenth century.

And so the story continues; as Elizabeth befriends both sister and brother, and learns to love him despite her first bad impression. Beautifully written, I could not stop myself even at one in the morning, from trying to read just one more chapter. I found the characters crawl under my skin and come to life in my imagination- I can almost hear Mr. Darcy and see Georgiana's expressions as she tries to explain his behavior and shield him from further notice. As I read the last chapter, I was sad to have finally come to the end of what was written, and anxious for the next post!

Bekah, you have written a lovely, elegant story, and I look forward to your next chapter.

Of Time Gone By is posted at DWG and 50 Miles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Such Felicity!

There are stories out there of such imagination one cannot help but be drawn in from the first paragraph. I spent a large part of my spare time today engrossed in one of those stories.

Following in the magical footsteps of Disenchanted, A Touch of Night by Sarah Hoyt and Sophie takes superstition and magical creatures and puts them directly into the paths of our favorite characters. A Pride and Prejudice retelling, the story begins with Elizabeth, in high dudgeon, informing Jane that Netherfield Park has been let at last. The two sisters cannot rejoice in this, because there is a terrible secret at Longbourn, and they two must keep it from being revealed.

The story weaves comedy and drama together brilliantly, and left me chuckling and gasping out loud by turns. All of the funniest scenes involve Mr. Collins, who has been ascribed a clever and highly plausible excuse for his dim-wittedness (ook ook!) and there are some truly awe-inspiring scenes involving Darcy and Elizabeth.

The final chapter was recently posted at DWG, and I highly recommend it. Prepare to be enchanted!

Who said...

I have decided to start a new posting here at EA, which I hope will provide some felicity to my readers, and give myself a good reason to read more fan fiction- if that is possible. So, here is the inaugural posting of Who Said... in which I ask my intrepid readers to identify the speaker (if appropriate) and name of the story from which a quote is taken.

This week's quote: But Acceptance is not the brother of Bias--

So, my dear readers, where did this come from? Please leave your guesses in the comments!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Gowns

I really hate missing Wednesdays on AHA! There were a bunch of posts on some great stories yesterday. Unfortunately, I was at work, and then had my time appropriated by my parents, and was unable to read them until this morning. Such a terrible situation to be in, because I hate missing posts. After all, the earlier I can read my favorites, the longer I can be in agony waiting for the next one!

I have enjoyed A Better Man (posted at AHA) very much. Told entirely from Elizabeth's point of view, this story wonders what might have happened had Elizabeth been unable to take the tolerant view of her family she did in the book. I have often wondered myself how she could, which is a large reason why I find this story so fascinating. The new post today shed even greater light on these feelings, and I do wish I could read another post tomorrow!

CaseyC's sublimely funny Single Until... posted a new chapter yesterday. Elizabeth has now recovered from her little gaffe, and is trying valiantly to move on. But of course, we know THAT doesn't work!

Fate and Freewill is getting under my skin- I'm steeling myself for some very sad chapters to come and yet wondering how Lizzy's secret is going to bring her closer to Darcy. So far Darcy has been Darcy, and Elizabeth cannot believe he was so nice to her, but we know what is running through Darcy's head, do we not? And that little subplot is one element that makes this story so intriguing. Better go read it; you won't be disappointed.

I am hopeful next week I will not be on a forced-fast. Two Wednesdays in a row would send me to my chambers with smelling salts. Instead, I plan to be hitting the refresh button on my favorite sites all day long!

The Day of the Ball

There had been some rumblings in the comments thread that Lydia's muse would not allow her to continue Peach and Berry. Fortunately, while I was at work yesterday and unable to either read or post, she was able to post the next chapter in this hysterical story!

Quite a few twists of plot occurred in this post. Mr. Peach and Miss Berry appear to have met each other by accidental design. A very good thing, since we know who was awaiting each had they actually met the person they were intended to meet!

I cannot wait for the next chapter. This is going to be one wild ride. Lydia, please post soon!

Peach and Berry is posted at AHA.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carried away by my feelings

I get the feeling Darcy, Bingley, and Fitzwilliam might feel a bit carried away right now, whether or not it's by their feelings is up for debate, but if you've read Pick Me Up (MA/NC-17 at AHA) you know the "carried away" part is definitely true.

This fic has caused me many laugh-out-loud moments, including in today's post, when television cameras show up... but I don't want to give anything away. You might want to go read it. I guarantee it's worth it, just for the rush of endorphins you get when Caroline... but again, I don't want to give anything away.

Go check it out. I haven't laughed so hard since....well, since Jareth, king of the goblins, had a trainee pro-wrestling team show up in the Labyrinth. Seriously!

High Diversion

Two posts have succeeded in highly diverting me this morning. I thought I'd pass them on.

I've been extolling the virtues of End of Innocence, and today I have yet another example of the droll wit this fic exudes. In today's post.... but perhaps I will let it speak for itself:

"After sleeping my entire life with my hands neatly above the covers, Mr Wentworth, I have discovered that ladies prefer warm hands and if one cannot escape marrying one in the near future, one had best try and change one's habits well in advance."

The character speaking is referring to sleeping with his hands underneath him, so he will not be tempted to touch the lady sleeping next to him before they are married. The entire post had me laughing out loud. I love this story!

The second, Life Changes, took quite a turn on Elizabeth's initial introduction to Hunsford. Elizabeth decided that, instead of preserving the distinction of rank, she should put on her best gowns, following Mr. Collins' orders a bit too precisely. Hilarity ensues, as a mischievous devil appears to take over Elizabeth causing her to play Lady Catherine for the fool she is, including passing off a Mozart sonata as a piece from Beethoven. My particular favorite is this exchange:

"You must practice more, Miss Bennet," Lady Catherine admonished her, "and concentrate on your fingering."

"Indeed, I should, Lady Catherine. No matter how hard I try, my Beethoven always comes out sounding like Mozart."

Is there any felicity in the world compared to this?

End of Innocence is posted at DWG, and Life Changes is at HG.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Newest Fashion

Here's a little night-time recommendation for you- just in case you have insomnia and need something with which to pass the time.

CaseyC has posted a new fic, entitled Single Until... This modern is a take on fan-girls everywhere, and the celebrities who disillusion them. It reminded me of my fan-girl days, when I thought Russell Crowe was the sweetest thing on two legs. Ah, the joys of our modern media age...sigh.

But I digress.

I particularly liked the scene when Elizabeth, a reporter, has just finished interviewing Darcy, hot celebrity sexpot, and is in the middle of telling Charlotte how sexy and hot he is when she sees him standing in close proximity, and obviously able to hear every word she says. It's like that naked underwear dream all over again.

I loved it.

Single Until... is posted at AHA.

Incidentally, if you want to read more of Casey's writing, she is reposted her story Portrait of a Summer at 50 Miles. Another excellent read!

How Shocking!

I must admit to some dereliction of duty. I had not yet read Elenita's An Affair in Three Simple Lessons (rated NC-17 and posted on HG). As mentioned earlier, I am an Angst Weenie, and therefore tend to stay away from stories with that label. However, I took my courage in hand today and clicked on Affair. I had to scroll around a lot to pick it up, because for whatever reason the link took me to the end of the story, but I did get the majority of the plot. I must say, I am very impressed.

Everything is sharper in Affair- Darcy is sexier, Elizabeth is livelier, Lady Catherine is regaler ("more regal" doesn't sound right!), and Mr. Collins is toadier. And poor Colonel Fitzwilliam! To have such an interruption at such a time... well, we already knew Mrs. Bennet was capable of interrupting at any time, but I would have thought she knew enough to stay away from a bridal chamber. Did I mention Mrs. Bennet is sillier?

And big kudos to Elenita's little crossover with Jane Eyre- for those of you who have not had the pleasure, St. John Rivers is a main player in the later plot of the aforementioned novel, and I thought his inclusion here to be very clever- imagine Mr. Collins in the role of missionary! That got me laughing, anyway, as I am very familiar with Mr. Rivers' thoughts on that matter.

Elenita, I can safely say I will not miss another post! I only hope there isn't too much angst left- I've had far too many headaches already this month.

Returning to Meryton

I was really excited to see that DWG has come back up! I missed you!

For those of you not aware of Derbyshire Writer's Guild, they are located at, and include posting boards for family-friendly stories. Evidently, they are experiencing technical difficulties that could take a couple of days to work out. Hopefully it won't take too long to get everything back up and running.

I think it is a good time to thank all the admins, techies, and other powers-that-be who oversee our favorite sites and their story boards. I, for one, would be lost without my fan fiction, and I appreciate all the hard work you put into these sites to keep them up and running for the rest of us.

Thank you!!

A Dearest Friend

I do so love Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Written by Kathy and posted at HG, this story has Elizabeth and Darcy striking up a friendship while Elizabeth is staying at Netherfield- a friendship begun under the most unusual circumstances! What would you say if I told you Darcy and Elizabeth loved a good wager?

Before you answer that, go read Necessity.

This is a charming story, and I can't get enough of it. I know you just posted today, Kathy, but surely you could post again tomorrow, right??

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A New Acquaintance

I love it when a story is posted based on some of Ms. Austen's other works.

Today I have a new reason to be excited. Simple Gifts, rated R/MA, posted its first chapters on AHA and HG. This is a modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility, set in California, and jumps headlong into the story with Brandon's ward moving home from school due to her pregnancy. The journey in this story will, I think, prove to be the best part.

Carol, thank you so much for giving some variety to our boards!

A Fond Farewell

The Only Way, rated MA and written by Aleksandra, was completed this evening on AHA. This story focuses on what might have happened had Mr. Bennet unexpectedly died while Elizabeth was at Hunsford, just after Darcy proposed to Elizabeth.

Aleksandra, congratulations on a job well done!

New Lace

It was announced last week on AHA that the boards would be getting a bit of a remodeling, to allow them to integrate into the concept of and the merging of Austen Interlude and AHA. To this end, names were changed, and things were moved around a bit. To be honest, I didn't notice- something seemed a bit strange, but then again, I am a bit strange, so I didn't pay any attention to it at first. But when I realized things were different, I had to laugh at myself for dismissing it in the first place. I can be very slow when I'm focused on one thing.

A big Thank You! goes out to the moderators, admins, and other powers-that-be at AHA: the little touch-ups are wonderful!

Doubly Blessed

Connie has posted this adorable link on AHA- and I want to share it!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I found this Pride and Prejudice trailer combined with Harry Potter clips very funny! And from there I surfed to a Harry Potter American Idol clip that had Voldemort singing "I Feel Pretty". I got a good laugh out of it.

Anyway...Check Harry Potter Pride and Prejudice out here.

Departed for the Country

It was with a sad heart I read the last posts to BelenP's excellent Eye of the Storm. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Belen has created terrifying story of betrayal and murder, and one of the most evil characters I have ever read in a JAFF story. Two in fact, as the true murderer is more sinister that Lady Catherine's cruel potrayal, as she covers herself in innocence.

It would appear, at least to my attentive eyes, that there is the possibility of a sequel. Or perhaps an epilogue's epilogue. The rather ominous ending hinted at dangers for our favorite Master of Pemberley. Could there be a bit more coming? I certainly hope so!

So Friendly and Obliging!

I am at last caught up (for the most part) with reading the posts made over the last several days whilst I was in moving-hell. And once again the writers have blessed us all with several additions and new offerings to pass the time.

Two on HG caught my eye today- the first being Family Ties, by kll, rated NC17, and Life Changes, rated PG-13 and written by tobylachat.

I had begun reading Family Ties earlier in my JAFF life, but for the life of me could not place the story, so I went back to the beginning and reread the whole thing last night. It contains quite an interesting plot; Darcy and Evil Darcy meet up in a parallel, bizarro universe! Well, OK, that might be an exaggeration, but really, kll's Lord Ashton is bizarro, Evil Darcy. He really was creeping me out, and that honor is reserved for only the very bad villains in JAFF; Lord Craigmore in Half Such a Sum, Lady Catherine from BelenP's Eye of the Storm, and the serial killer Lord Carrington from Lucrezia's Judge of Their Characters series. Add to this the cliffhanger we were left on, and you can understand my desire for a new post. Now.

On a lighter note, Life Changes is chronicling the various life changes of Elizabeth, Darcy, Bingley, and Jane as they wind their way toward meeting. Following a slightly different tack than the original plot line, Bingley comes to Hertfordshire after Mary marries Mr. Collins and while Elizabeth is depressed just before her departure to visit her sister in Hunsford. This is a sensitive look at the different characters' feelings on the paths they wish their lives to take.

It is good to have enough order in my space that I can read such engaging stories. Authors, do, please continue soon!

Friday, April 4, 2008

At last...

I have once again spent the week packing, moving, and unpacking. For those of you keeping track, that's two moves in 10 weeks. Way too many moves.

Today, for the first time, I have been able to get back online! And I find a smorgasborg of stories have been updated! Hmmm....what shall I read first?

Actually, I've read a bunch of updates, and this evening I will have much to comment about!

Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fools!

There has been a bit of silliness posted at HG, under the guise of being Chapter 7 for pianobarb's White Lies and Other Half-Truths. I knew something was up when Captain Enid overheard Darcy's thoughts on educating Elizabeth... if you have read any of Enid's stories, you know exactly where this is headed!

Well, I won't spoil the surprise- you have to go read it for yourself! You can find it here.

And by the way, I vote to have it posted in a separate thread when the real chapter 7 is posted- this is too rich not to be able to read whenever I want!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Tour of the Park

Among all the wonderful fan fiction out there, there are a few I should like to point out to your general notice.

Contradictions and Variations, a charming story by Elizabeth (Anghraine), is a retelling of certain parts of the story, with of course the expected outcome. Completed at both AHA and DWG, I found it to be a sweet re-imagining of the latter half of Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship.

End of Innocence, Lise's hysterical revamping of Persuasion, is continuing on DWG. Lise has a gift for droll humor, and End of Innocence is rife with it. I particularly like Mr. Croft, whose abilities to spout off at the most unusual times adds to the charm of this story, the Rev. Mr. Wentworth, who is courting a young lady without being aware that he is actually doing so, and of course, my favorite line- in which Frederick asserts that gravity is a form of birth control. The poor innocent!

Beloved, *the voice*, and White Lies and Other Half-Truths are also continued on AHA and HG, respectively.

Take some time today and see what our talented authors have concocted for our favorite stories!

A Most Amusing Story

I have spent a very charming evening, checking the posts on DWG. To my great pleasure, I have discovered one of the funniest stories it has ever been my pleasure to read!

Have you ever seen the 1945 Pride and Prejudice, with Greer Garson and Lawrence Olivier? At the very end, when Lady Catherine calls at Longbourn to refuse her consent to the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth, Elizabeth rings for the footman to show her to her room rather than give her the promise she requests. Of course, Lady Catherine does not stay, and the story proceeds (fairly) as it does in the book. Whenever I watch that movie, I always wonder what might have happened had Lady Catherine followed through on her proposal.

Now I know! And I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time!

I Shall Not Go Away, by Sandy L, takes just such a tack from canon. Elizabeth is beset by a stubborn Lady Catherine, and of course, our heroine's courage always arises at such occasions. The hilarity includes Mr. Bingley discovering the events of April, Lady Catherine's sojourn on the couch in the parlor (against Elizabeth's strict orders she be confined to the dining room) and a plot concocted to keep Mrs. Bennet and her nerves safely ensconced in her room, and unable to spread the word of her illustrious guest's arrival.

I Shall Not Go Away is posted in two parts. Please, so see them! You will certainly be entertained!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lately, in London

Have you read Peach and Berry yet?

I think you need to. This is a story with no names. Literally. And some quirky details that made me laugh. If I had been reading it while ingesting liquid, I think part of said liquid would have come out my nose when "he" and "she" decided to call each other Peach Pie and Berry Pie, respectively. It reminded me of an old joke my dad used to tell about a restaurant that was out of peach pie.

Well, OK, it wasn't a very funny joke...

Lydia, please, do continue. I am waiting to see what Peach and Berry do next!

Peach and Berry is posted at AHA.

How is Half such a Sum to be repaid?

It being Thursday, Shelby has posted another chapter from Half Such A Sum. While Shelby did drop a pretty heavy hint this story is coming to a conclusion (sniff...sniff) in her Fertilizer thread last week, it was made very apparent to me when I read this post.

It was very happy! In a bizarre, non-Shelby, "let's tie up loose ends so everyone can live Happily Ever After" happy. I half expected her odious Lord Craigmore to be found at Rivenham Hall, plucking daisies, making nice with Arthur and Sophy, and singing a rather off-key rendition of "The Sound of Music" in a clear baritone voice.

I do so hope we get a bit more angst before the story ends. At the very least, let's see our number one JAFF baddie Craigmore get a painful disease that leaves him shriveling away before being forced to walk the plank in shark-infested waters by ravenous pirates. Or...well, you get the idea.

I am of half a mind to go back and do a third marathon read. Just to savor the epic a little longer.

Half is posted at HG. If this is your first experience with Half, be sure to have at least 24 hours to devote to reading. It will take you at least that long to get through it. Believe me, you won't be able to stop.

A New Member of Our Party

There is a delightful new post on AHA! Fate and Freewill was posted yesterday evening by sophierom, and is rated PG. There are a couple of plot twists within the first few paragraphs- both of which are, indeed, very startling, and promise an intriguing bent from the original canon. I would encourage you to check it out!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Becoming Reacquainted

One of the things I love about new fan fiction sites is the opportunity to catch up on old stories that you might have read elsewhere, but can always peruse again. It also enables me to find a gem I might have missed the first time through. I was reminded of that today, as I have spent a very pleasant few hours reading some older stories that are being reposted at 50 Miles of Good Road.

I have to say I was very impressed with Elsa's You Won't Admit You Love Me. A modern with a very involved plot, and one of the best non-canon villains I have ever read, make this quite a ride from beginning to end. The premise? What if Darcy and Elizabeth were secretly dating when it appeared they were at odds- and what if Darcy had a huge family secret that needed unraveled. You Won't Admit You Love Me is rated R/NC-17 and recently completed at 50 Miles. It can also be found at HG.

The second repost, which I originally read almost two years ago, is The Unexpected Passenger, by Jack C. of Crescent City fame. The Unexpected Passenger is a companion story to Jack C.'s epic The Three Colonels, and is just as spell-binding as T3C. I read both in a couple of days as marathon reads last year, and loved every minute of them- particularly given my fascination with the movie Master And Commander, as Passenger is a crossover between Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Patrick O'Brien's Master and Commander series. In fact, I picked up a copy of the first book in the series, and I believe I will have to take it up again to reread and get my fix. As I have been rereading Pride and Prejudice (for the....well, I've lost count of how many times I've read it, this is the third copy that I am reducing to smithereens) you can see how compelling this must be for me. The Unexpected Passenger is rated R/NC-17, and is halfway complete at 50 Miles and finished at HG.

Be sure to check them out!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New Addition to Our Party

Today, after my knitting group, I pulled up AHA, and what did I find? A very intriguing new story.

*the voice* by Kathy is rated R/NC-17, and has made a very promising beginning. It is not often the supernatural is woven into a plotline, ala The Mark of the Cat, or The Ruby Cross. But when they are, they are sure to garner some attention. From me, at least.

In this fic, Elizabeth is a village "wise woman", taught by her great-grandmother, who has been dead for five years when she comes to tell Elizabeth the man she is to marry is coming. And there is another "wise woman" in this story- though she is not very nice. Three guesses who that could be!

A hint- it is not Jane.

Kathy, this looks exciting- very exciting. Post again soon!

Relieve My Suffering...please!

I haven't done any begging in a while, and a Saturday morning is a good time to remember what I have to beg for. So, without any further ado... I have decided to beg Enid for a new chapter of Any Savage Can Reproduce.

As is the case with most of Enid's works, this is an NC-Infinity-rated work, and is a rollicking good time. Savage is also an interactive story- in which readers get to vote on where they want the story to go next- would we like to see Darcy in boxer, briefs or nothing at all? Ok, maybe not the important plot details Enid wants feedback on, but very important nonetheless.

Enid, please! You left our heroic couple in a very precarious (though pleasurable) position on Planet Hartfield, and I need to know what happens next!

Any Savage Can Reproduce is posted on AHA, HG, and 50 Miles.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Report of a Most Alarming Nature

According to her comments thread at HG, Shelby says her plot bunnies Half Such a Sum is moving towards a conclusion!

Shelby, say it isn't so! What will I do without Half to make my Thursdays bearable??

A New Addition to Our Party

We have had some new additions to the world of fan fiction in the last few weeks- let me introduce them to you!

White Lies and Other Half Truths, rated R and posted at HG and AHA, is a charming tale of the white lies that are exposed between Elizabeth and Darcy. I've enjoyed the last couple of chapters- particularly the Frigid Witty Bitty Sisterhood. The title says it all.

For the Benefit of Mr. King, rated PG-13 and posted at HG is a clever what-if: what if Mary King had been set upon by Wickham? What if her older brother stepped in to defend her? What would happen if he killed our not-so-favorite Lieutenant, and was forced to face the consequences? My favorite twist in this story is that dear, silly Mary, with her "Jan Brady" complex, is given a prominent role.

A Better Man, rated PG and posted at AHA, tells Elizabeth's attempt to come to grips with her family's faults, and deal with the insights Darcy made her aware of in his letter. I love where this story is taking Elizabeth and her family. Or perhaps just Elizabeth- her family do not change. Yet.

To be honest, I have not yet read The Cumberland Plateau, simply because it is marked HIGH ANGST, and I am a closet member of Angst Weenies Anonymous. Well, I guess I'm not anymore, but that is not to the point. This is posted on both AHA and HG- those of you who are brave enough to foray in to angst, let me know what you think- I will wait until I can read the whole thing. The angst is lessened that way.

And if you are enjoying Paths of Men, be sure to check out the companion story, An Engaging Friendship, posted at AHA, HG, and DWG and rated PG. This story is giving us the scoop on what Lizzy and Darcy are up to- and it makes a perfect addition to understand Paths.

And this update would not be complete without mentioning the latest Baugham adventure, The Hunting Season, rated PG-13 and posted at AHA. I enjoy reading these- they are so clever.

So, until next time, find a piece of Austen fiction and loose yourself in it!

Points of Interest

I am thoroughly enjoying Gabbi's Game Seven, rated R and posted at AHA. As a resident of Nampa, ID, the idea that Nampa has a professional team called the Pugs never fails to elicit a snort of laughter from me.

I am particularly amused by the mention of Elizabeth and Georgie's time spent "seeing the sights" in Nampa. Given Georgie's general fan fiction character as a shopaholic, it is probably a good thing that the only "sights" in Nampa are the new shopping district that went in next to the recently completed interstate interchange (We have 4 exits now! We're moving up in the world!). The Costco , Best Buy and Target located there represent the best shopping in town. I will make no comment on what it was before they came in- let's just say that Boise got a lot of business. Anyway, I'm sure Georgie and Elizabeth had a great time.

Now if only I could find Mansfield Park... I'd like to give that Will Darcy the once-over.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fond Farewells...

Today, two wonderful stories came to an end.

Jack has completed his epic Crescent City, which is rated R and posted on, HG, AHA, and DWG. This was a ride from beginning to end, and truly a masterpiece. It will be sorely missed! Jack, several people have commented on the ambitious scope of this work, and I all of us would agree you have done a masterful job with your subject material. Congratulations on a job very well done!

I was also very saddened to see the end of Amy's Lofty Dreams, posted on darcyfic. This is a fresh retelling that I found very enjoyable. As first-time writer, Amy has written a story to be proud of!

And while we are on the subject...

Yesterday, the last post of And Grace Will Lead Me Home was posted on AHA. I will miss this story very, very much- it made Mondays worth waiting for!

Well, I'm depressed now, all my favorite fics are finishing up!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have returned!

After WAY too long, my internet hell is finally over! Which is a very good thing, as I don't think my nerves could have stood it much longer!

Did you miss me? I hope so, goodness knows I missed writing and getting my daily fan-fiction fix. It's worse than being a crack addict! It has taken some time, but I've finally (FINALLY!) caught up with what has been written while I was offline. Between The Stripper (now posting on AHA) and My Fine Feathered Friend (a Labyrinth offering on I've been very well entertained and my withdrawal symptoms have ceased. After all, who can resist the combined charms of a male stripper Darcy, and Jareth dealing with a cross-dressing goblin, literacy for his subjects, and a chicken of destiny? Alas, I cannot.

But I digress.

So, what has been happening while I was banging my head in frustration and suffering internet withdrawals?

To begin with, Angel of the Centerfold was completed. This is one of the best Jane/Bingley stories written, and I am very sorry to see it go. Rated NC-17, this fic told us what might have happened had Jane and Charles met under more dubious circumstances- like Charles leading a double life as a porn king, and falling for Jane, who has an (almost) identical twin sister, Elizabeth. Predictably, chaos follows. This particular fic was a marathon read for me over the summer; and I have enjoyed every moment. Michelle, you should be congratulated for a job very well done!

Another fic completed just today is DJClawson's If I Loved You Less, which is posted at This story is the latest in her epic story of the Darcy/Bingley clan that began with A Bit of Advice. A sweet love story, If I Loved You Less tells of the romance between the Darcy's eldest son and the Bingley's eldest girl. Unfortunately, there is no samurai. Fortunately, based on the author's note in the epilogue, it would appear we might get some samurai action in her next story, which will begin posting the end of March. One can only hope.

And Jen has been continuing with God Save the Queen! Judging from the comments posted on AHA and HG, I am not the only one curious about Ian's past, and wondering how Rafe will react when she marries her darling Fitzwilliam. This is a very clever retelling, part mystery, part sci-fi, part cat-fight, and part female-drooling-excuse. I am particularly looking forward to the kissing lessons, and Fitzwilliam's coming-out ball.

As my opening indicated, I have discovered the delightful new story The Stripper, by Madelyn (starfire), rated NC-17 and posted at AHA. I caught myself laughing hysterically (a strange feeling, since I do not usually 'catch' myself doing so) at the little cliff-hanger she left us on last week- and I was more than happy with her resolution thereof in this week's post.

I have also been following Lofty Dreams, by Amy, posted on the Darcyfic group list. This is a very fresh adaptation that places an African American Lizzy and Darcy in high school, as students in the same scholarship/mentoring program. I have enjoyed every moment- and I am very anxious to see where Amy takes it!

Well, I have to sign off for the moment, but I will be posting again soon. There's so much going on right now, I could write for two days!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Such Felicity!

Day....well, I'm still without internet at home. A problem that should be rectified this week.

When I arrived at the office, and pulled up AHA, what should I see, but a new chapter of God Save the Queen!!! How long, gentle readers, have I been waiting for this chapter?? Way too long!

And it was well worth the wait- particularly the little interlude...but I should not give that away. What I SHALL do, is get on my knees (figuratively, of course) and beg for another chapter to be posted soon!

Skin suits! Is there any felicity in the world to compare to this?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another fond farewell

Sara has been on a posting spree!

Today we say goodbye to No Strings Attached, posted at AHA. Sara has posted several chapters over the last couple of days to finish off the story, and what an excellent story it is! This is a modern retelling, in which Elizabeth is a cellist, who 'meets' Darcy when he comes to San Francisco on business with her brother-in-law Bingley. Yes, the 'meets' is supposed to be in quotation marks.

This is one of the loveliest stories I've read in quite some time. Sara, this is two must-reads in a row! What else do you have up your sleeve?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just a quick post tonight...I haven't been able to get to an internet connection until today, and it's making me crazy! Fortunately, I will be back online next week!

In the meantime, I have taken a quick look at what I've been missing.... Paths of Men, And Grace Will Lead Me Home, Gracechurch Cottage, If I Only Dream of You, and A Surfeit of Clerics to name just a few. Such felicity! And I cannot get to them all in the short time I have!

Therefore, I implore you, my dear readers, to please read all the JAFF you can while I am unable to!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A walk in the Country...

Of course, not having internet is putting a huge strain on my need to have a marathon read- and as felicitous as my new apartment is, I must admit a bit of chagrin at being unable to finish my latest marathon read.

Finally, after a week in suspense, I have finally been able to finish Teurig! Written by MaryAnne and rated NC-17, this recently completed story transforms Elizabeth and Jane into Regency super-sleuths of the first degree- and is a rollicking ride from beginning to end. I was reminded of James Bond, and kept expecting our favorite heroine to walk up and introduce herself as 'Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet'.

Teurig has been completed on 50 Miles, AHA, and HG. I hope, given the ending of the story, that a sequel is on the way. I am wishing really, really hard. And I hope I don't have to resort to begging!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A new acquaintance

Day 8... I'm going through some serious withdrawls here...but I shall persevere! And fortunately, tomorrow at work I will have access, so I can work on catching up a bit then! But for's a new offering for you to enjoy!

There is a delightful new story on DWG that I wanted to let everyone know about. Lizzy's Locket posted its first chapter yesterday! While not entirely faithful to canon- Jane and Lizzy are the youngest children, after 3 brothers- it has quite a charming beginning- particularly the parts about Mr. Collins- I really couldn't believe my eyes when I first read those lines- I thought I must be reading something wrong. But no! My eyes were not decieving me, and they are hysterical!

Kaylee- this promises to be a lot of fun! Post again soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A short period of time...getting longer

I have some ideas of what I'm going to do with the internet, but this is now day 7 without it. So I'm posting this from my office computer. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I can be interneting from home and back to my regular posting schedule

There have been a ton of updates, and at least one new story posted. As I'm having to pick carefully what I read (time constraints, you know!), I've only been able to read through a couple of the posts, and mostly ignore the rest of it. But I have seen many great stories have posted new chapters!

Stories like Miscommunication, Sketching His Character (quite a twist in this week's post!) Forget with Silence and Tears, and of course, Crescent City and Half Such a Sum. There is also a new offering, A Surfeit of Clerics, which looks very promising!

Well, until tomorrow, or Saturday, or whenever I can again get internet access and a computer together under one roof, happy reading!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Fond Farewell....

Day two...and hopefully I can come up with internet in my apartment soon!

I was very sad when I checked over at DWG today and discovered the last chapter and epilogue of Disenchanted posted. Sad and excited and very, very happy the story came to such an agreeable conclusion! Disenchanted is a story that crosses Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, and a couple of mysteries all in one. It is an exciting, cleverly written story that has given me many hours of pleasure since it was first reposted at AHA last year. Of course, I immediately went and looked up the entire story on DWG to find out what happened next- I simply could not wait for weekly postings when I knew there was more of the story somewhere else! And now it is over- but I can guarantee you I will be re-reading it many times over the next many months!

Kara, you are to be congratualted for a job well done!

Disenchanted is posted on DWG, and is being reposted on AHA.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Invitation to Tea

Day one, and I have no internet, but I was able to sneak over here for a few minutes to check my email and scan the boards.

I really love Forget with Silence and Tears! My only problem with this story is that it's only posted once a week!

There is a new chapter of Not So Arrogant. I'm interested to see what happens next, this little story has such a fresh take on the P&P story.

And of course, the Sox are playing the Pugs today, right after Will and Lizzy have... well, to find out, you'll have to check out the action at Game Seven!

Of course, the little time I can spend online is when I can't access AHA, but all of these stories can be found at HG and 50 Miles.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Momentous Occasion!

While not particularly related to Jane Austen, I am very pleased to announce that I will be a bit out of touch for the next few days, for a very good reason.

Today, I got a job with a property management company, that includes an apartment of my very own!

This means that for the first time in nearly two years, I won't be living out of my parent's back room, but will instead have my own kitchen, living room, and complete control of every remote in the house.

Life is sweet.

But this means that until I get an internet/broadband connection in my new place, I will be running to my parents to post and read stories. While that will probably happen pretty frequently, there will still be a gap of a couple of days while I get in, get settled, and revel in the solitude of my adorable apartment.

In light of the fact that I am moving tomorrow (I wanted to move this evening, but couldn't find anyone to help me), I spent all afternoon packing, as opposed to reading whatever happened to be posted. I was unable to complete Teurig, nor could I compose a paragraph in honor of the recent shorts by Edward, Ruth, and others that have come to my attention the past few days. Therefore, tomorrow morning, before I scrounge around for book boxes and shut down the computer to move it to its new home, I will post something along those lines.

In the mean time, please check out some of the wonderful Thursday postings- The End of Innocence, Determination, and A Most Beloved Sister (yay! Casey's back!). And I, dear readers, will return as soon as I possibly can!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have just found this in the Comments for God Save the Queen at AHA:

I'm dreadful I know... (Not to mention, pokey in the extreme), but I'm attempting to get GStQ finshed in the next couple of weeks and then all of you wonderful patient readers can wallow in a skinsuit clad Darcy (complete with supstantial codpiece!) to your heart's content.

Yay!! Jen is getting ready to post!! And skinsuits...mmmmmmmm...need I say more?

An Afternoon Drive

As it is now nearly time for me to go to bed, it is time for my daily rounds to see what has been posted today and what I should look for tomorrow.

And what did my eyes see, but a post to Angel of the Centerfold!!!!

Hopefully, you read my earlier rant and caught my frustration at being denied a post for two weeks, when left at such a point as we were with the last chapter. Mr. Bingley was in quite a predicament, what with...well, I guess you'd better read the story first! Angel is posted on AHA. If you haven't picked up on it yet, it's marathon material, so I would recommend starting in the morning to give yourself enough time!

No Strings Attached and Crescent City also have new chapters. NSA is posted on AHA, and you can get your Crescent City fix at AHA, HG, and DWG, as well as Jack's personal website.

New material was also posted on Further Down the Road (rated NC-17) by Aimee, an exciting new fic posted on HG. In this story, Wickham decides to pursue Elizabeth after his elopement with Lydia. And of course, sparks fly! I think this has got to be one of the wickedest Wickhams ever. That's merely my opinion.

There is a new chapter of The Only Way on both HG and AHA, and a lovely bit added to that naughtiness known as Voice of Love, by MEN and rated NC-infinity. The Only Way is a clever retelling that begins with Darcy's proposal at Hunsford; while I wish I might say more, I would hate to give up any of the major plot details that occur at that point- suffice it to say, Elizabeth finds herself in a rather compromising position, and an engagement she does not wish for.

Voice of Love
is an offering by three of our most creative authors, Mischa, Enid, and Nina. In the preface to today's post, they informed us that only a few more chapters will finish up this story, and that they would then disappear from the fan fic scene, to work on their knitting. My dear ladies, I hope this is not true! As a knitter myself, I always applaud anyone who wishes to engage in the zen-inspiring art that is knitting, but I think we would be bereft were you to pursue knitting to the exclusion of those bits of naughtiness you are so proficient at creating. Please reconsider! Voice of Love can be found on AHA.

Be sure to come back tomorrow, when I will update the short stories and drabbles that have been posted over the last few days!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Invitation to Drink Tea

There have been several new postings today, some of which I got to read before I descended into bridesmaid's hell, and some of which I did not. So, here we go!

We have a new acquaintances today! Enid has begun posting her new story, Every Savage Can Reproduce (rated NC-17). This is an interactive fic, as Enid will post each week asking readers to vote on a particular plot line before writing each chapter. This story has a very promising beginning, as Elizabeth wishes to procreate, but is unable to have she wishes approved by the Procreation Powers that Be. If you've read any of Enid's stories, you know the sky is the limit- and this guarantees to be creative! I myself cannot wait until the next chapter! Savage is posted at HG and AHA.

On DWG, Allison has posted the first chapter of Particular Attachments, a story that is, shall I say, a bit liberal with canon. At least, thus far. It is a very good beginning, but I am not sure how far I will be able to go, as I am deep at heart an angst-weenie, and this story promises some angst by it's very premise. Those of you who are not scared of such things, enjoy!

Linnea has posted new chapters of A Mother's Favorite Wish at HG; she is slowly luring me in to a story I would not normally read, as I do not really care for story that are too liberal with canon. But I am hooked on this one, and I like it!

And another chapter of I Only Dream of You is now up at HG and AHA. This is a very unusual story, and I am getting more and more curious as I read it.

Anghraine has posted chapters to Such Terms of Cordiality (on HG), and updated the repost of A Matter of Chance on AHA. I am thoroughly enjoying Chance, which I did not read during its original posting at HG. I started to read Terms this evening, only to become completely confused, therefore, I am going to go back and start at the beginning, because what I read has definitely piqued my interest. I had flashes of memory from my original reading that quickly fade back, thus a new reading is warranted. As with all of Anghraine's works, I expect a great ride!

And Lila has posted a new chapter of One Drunken Night In Vegas on If you haven't picked up this charming story, you are really missing out. It is fast becoming one of my favorites!

Until tomorrow, happy reading!

The Jane Austen Fan Fiction Index

For those of you unaware, one of our wonderful authors maintains an index of JA fan fiction, giving the names of stories, their rating, and their location. There is also a section called 'Fan Fiction Therapy', which brings up a random list of 25 stories to read whenever you are in need of unwinding, chilling, or decompressing. It is an invaluable resource for those of us trying to nurse our addictions.

The Index can be found here. To login, enter EAReader, password Attention. The login and password are all case-sensitive. A link can be found in the Links section on the right-hand side of the page.

Thank you Victoria for all your hard work!


Monday, January 14, 2008

I LONG for a ball!!!

Yes, another post in which I beg an author to PLEASE relieve my agony and post another chapter! Let me see...who shall I beg today?

I think I'll beg Azure, author of Ordinary Mary, an adorable modern focusing on Mary Bennet and her quest for love. Most particularly, I enjoyed the scene in which Mary meets a mystery man at a party she is catering, and...oh, but I can't give that away. A very clever and well written story, I've looked every week for a new update!

Ordinary Mary is posted at HG, and is rated PG-13.

Do you have a story that you want to see updated? Let me know in the comments!


Michelle has posted an update to her posting schedule for Angel of the Centerfold in the comments thread at AHA. After apologizing that no post will be forthcoming today, she writes there could possibly be one later in the week.

ARRGGHHH!!! I'm dying to find out how dearest Charlie extricates himself from the situation he finds himself in! Hmmm... extricates...what an appropriate word!

In Invitation to Drink Tea...

Now that I am sufficiently recovered from my all-nighter, I can again look over the boards and see what has been posted the last few days. Here are some dear friends for your enjoyment!

I mentioned atf's Forget with Silence and Tears last week; today I must mention Lise's End of Innocence (rated PG). Another of the (few!) adaptations of Persuasion, this begins a few months after Frederick leaves Kellynch Hall following Anne's breaking their engagement. I began reading this when it was first posted, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Anne and Lady Russell are so charmingly naive, and here we also meet Frederick's oft-mentioned brother, who is terribly clever, but just as naive as Anne and Lady Russell. I am so interested to see where this will go now! End of Innocence is posted on DWG.

Over the weekend, Role of a Lifetime (rated R), a modern in which William is an actor and Lizzy a night-club owner, posted. This is a cute story, with some very funny scenes in it (a drunk William for one!). I'm looking forward to see where this goes! This is posted on AHA.

Only for the Deepest Love, It Hardly Signifies and And Grace Will Lead Me Home also posted today.

And now, fond farewells to Wait Until (NC-17) and Their Glory Continues (NC-17), which have both been completed. I loved the chess-matches in Wait, and the breakfast jam scene in Glory has got to be one of the funnier things I have ever read. You will be missed!

Be sure to look out for....

For those of you in the US who are, like me, very interested in movie adaptations of Jane's wonderful novels, Masterpiece Theater is airing last year's ITV production of Northanger Abbey this Sunday at 9:00 PM. I've already set Tivo to record it for me.

This movie and the others that aired during ITV's Jane Austen season are also being released in the US on DVD to correspond with their airing. They can be found on Amazon.


Northanger Abbey

Mansfield Park

If you don't want to wait for the DVDs, they are also posted in their entirety on YouTube. That's where I first watched them.

In my humble opinion, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are definitive screen versions- matching the plots closely, and extremely well acted. I was less impressed with Mansfield Park, though it was very well done.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fatigue after a long journey

I did something incredibly stupid last night, as my parents' toy poodle will bear witness to; I stayed up ALL NIGHT reading. This caused said poodle much consternation, because for whatever reason, he got up early this morning and refused to go to bed until I did, sitting on the edge of the bed and whining at me while I read. It almost distracted me.


So, what caused me to stay up all night and make myself sick for lack of sleep? I simply could not stop reading Jack C's Crescent City. It took me some time, but I did eventually get through the whole thing, and I'm now anxiously awaiting Wednesday when the next chapters are posted!

I really do know better than to do something like this- I should have learned from my marathon reading of The Three Colonels last year.

Such a clever plot line! Such wit! Such intricate details! Some of them had me laughing my head off, and others I merely shook my head in awe of the intellect that spawned them; such as the slight mention of Richard Musgrove- it was perfect! The French, the references to Monty Python, and my personal favorite, Rabbi Tuckmann, who looks very much like Mel Brooks in my imagination!

If you haven't, I suggest you take a look- but please do it in the morning, since I doubt you will be able to stop once you get started. Crescent City is posted at HG, AHA, and DWG.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drinking Tea...

There have been many offerings on various sites over the last two days- enough that I actually spent more time than was actually necessary reading the different posts, and rereading some favorites. From the beginning. Which can be quite time consuming!

Particularly when the fic I am attempting to reread is Shelby's Half Such a Sum, rated R, posted at HG. Like so many others, I was thrilled when Shelby and Half returned to the garden late last month, and I am even more thrilled that she has been able to post regularly! If you have not read this creative reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, you are sorely missing out! I suggest you take a couple of days and read it through to the most recent post- you won't be sorry! Today's post was very informative, though I (and I'm sure many of Shelby's fans) are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the pirates she's been promising us!

I also look forward to Determination, by cpodom, on Thursdays. This story has tweaked the canon pairings, and has lured me in with it's clever premise; what if the Colonel had interrupted Darcy's failed proposal at Hunsford? Determination is posted at both HG and AHA.

Of course, Thursdays are not complete without No Strings Attached, rated R, by Sarah, posted at AHA. This is another brilliantly told story from the author that gave us The Trials of the Honorable Fitzwilliam Darcy. Strings is a sweet, romantic modern set in San Francisco. I've cried a few times reading it!

It was thrilling to see another post to DJ Clawson's If I Loved You Less on This is the latest in her series that began with "A Bit of Advice". Of course, this isn't going to make much sense if you haven't read the first few stories, as there are many new characters and a monkey to become acquainted with. Her previous stories are posted on her website, as well as HG and AHA. Enjoy them!

More to come...there are simply too many for me to get them all into one post!

Of Short Duration

There are several short stories and drabbles that have been posted over the last few days, however, today I'd like to point out to you one of my favorites.

Rachael, the author of the wonderful fic Holidays, has begun re-posting a short sequel to that wonderful story at HG. Snapshots is the continuing story of Elizabeth, William, Sam and Ally over the first two years or so of their marriage. The entire story is posted at Firthness.

Rachael has also written she has a partially completed sequel to Snapshots. I, for one, would love to read it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Tour of the Country

Looking for something to read while waiting for a new chapter in one of your favorites? Look no further!

One of the things I love about fan fiction is the diversity of plotlines and stories. My first recommendation is a wonderful example. The Mark of the Cat by Sofie, posted at DWG, is an exciting tale that twists Elizabeth into a clairvoyant, who communicates with an unknown love via their mental bond- only she doesn't know who he is.

One of my all-time favorites, this story is incredibly well-written, and had me crying before it was over!

You can check it out here.

That tall, proud fellow, Mr. What's His Name!

While perusing some of the posts on 50 Miles, I came upon this delicious piece of naughtiness, and just had to share!

Mr. Darcy is TOO Sexy for...

I'm really lucky I wasn't drinking anything, it would have come out of my nose. All I can say is, who knew Colin Firth could walk like that? I don't exactly pay attention to his walking when I watch Pride and Prejudice- the man should have been a model!

There is also a clip using Alan Rickman, and if you happen to like 300, there's another made up from clips from that movie.

Thanks to Sylwia for finding that clip and putting it out there!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I cannot believe it!

As a resident of Nampa, ID for the last 6 years, I was very surprised and upset to learn that we have a baseball team (the Nampa Pugs) that was good enough to get to the World Series, but not good enough to beat the Boston Red Sox. I am mortally offended! Of course we would beat them! Well, ok, maybe not, but's the principle of the matter!

Gabrielle- Say it ain't so!

Other than the slight to my humble village, your story Game Seven is excellent!

I LONG for a Ball...

Yes, like the overly-stupid Lydia Bennet, I, too, long for a ball. Or, more appropriately, chapters from beloved stories that NEED to be continued!

One such story? God Save the Queen. It has now been three weeks since we had any kind of an update on either AHA or HG- and I miss my skin-suits! I miss my charmingly naive Fitzwilliam and his rather overbearing sister! I miss Elizabeth and her two pages! I miss Jane trying not to flirt with a Bingley who is not out yet! I was left in raptures with the promise of a ball- a ball, moreover, in which young men's rear ends were to be gently slapped with their partner's fans- and no ball has been forthcoming. I was given a hint of terrible things surrounding Elizabeth's young (and presumably virgin) page Ian- and I am left wondering! It is distressing!

Perhaps, very soon, there will be more? Pretty please? With a fan on top?

Monday, January 7, 2008

An Invitation to Drink Tea...

Here it is: the Inaugural Post inviting you, my dear readers, to check out some of the available WIPs that have been posted on various sites over the last few days. Please bear in mind, these are just a sampling; for a full list, I invite you to make yourself home at ALL of the various JAFF boards. Or at least as many as you can check every fifteen minutes from work without loosing your job.

~~**~~New Acquaintances~~**~~

A Mother's Favorite Wish (rated PG-13) by Linnea Eileen- posted at Hyacinth Gardens (HG). An excellent start to what promises to be an exciting story. All I can say is, my heart was racing by the end of the prologue! Angst-Weenies need to heed the warning that comes with it! I have some ideas of how Linnea MIGHT pull this one back from the abyss, but all of them are strange and most are not what you would call reasonable. I can't wait to see how this plays out!

An Awakening (Rated PG) by Amy J- posted at Derbyshire Writer's Guild (DWG). This is a parallel story to her excellent WIP Paths of Men, posted on several sites, including the Guild, AHA, and the Gardens. It would appear we are going to get the story behind Darcy and Lizzy's re-acquaintance! I am intrigued with this, and already have spent more time puzzling out different scenarios than is probably normal.

It Hardly Signifies (Rated PG-13) by Kent- posted at A Happier Alternative (AHA). Kent has left us hanging in the middle of his other WIP The Wedding Party, to take us down yet another of his witty Lizzy/Darcy roads. My biggest question: will we get to see Lizzy and Darcy debating over Darcy's curricle? Whatever ends up happening, it's sure to be infused with Kent's trademark humor.

~~**~~ Dearest Friends~~**~~

What day would be complete without new posts on old favorites?

What do you get when you cross Darcy, Agatha Christie, and Harry Potter? Disenchanted (Rated PG) by Kara- posted at DWG. GAH!!!! What a way to end a chapter! I was ready to pull my hair out, and perhaps even disenchant my computer screen. Kara informs her readers this story will be finished sometime this week, which is all that kept me from causing my computer bodily harm. Kara has been re-posting this at AHA, so if you'd like to catch up, that's a good place to start. Buckle your seatbelts, you are in for a rollicking ride.

One of the most evil Carolines ever written lurks in And Grace Will Lead Me Home (Rated R/NC-17) by Ashley DB- posted at AHA. And this week, Caroline was at her disgusting finest! Ashley writes that there are only a few more hiccups in the road for Darcy and Elizabeth in this modern fic, and I'm very pleased with that information; my poor nerves are in such a state! Such flutterings and tremblings and spasms as I have had! Certainly the newest post of AGWLMH is one of the reasons I can bear a Monday morning.

I'd like to start an 'I HATE Prescott' club. Want to know why? Check out Forget with Silence and Tears (rated NC-17) by atf- posted at HG. One of the few fics based on Persuasion (one of my favorite of Jane's novels), this modern retelling is sweet, sensitive, and captures the characters perfectly, transitioning the story seamlessly into modern-day San Francisco. I'm completely hooked!

~~**~~Removed from the Country~~**~~

And now, let me bid a fond farewell to Bargain with the Devil (rated NC-17) by Enid- posted at 50 Miles of Good Road. Enid, you are so good at writing stories with the funniest twists! Poor Caroline! Poor Lady Catherine! {{snorts at the computer while remembering}} That was one of the more creative ways to finish with Caroline ever be written! Bravo! I eagerly await your next offering! Perhaps another chapter of Sketching His Character?

As I close this post, I'd like to offer a huge THANK YOU to all the admins at Austen Interlude and AHA who have worked so tirelessly to keep the boards up and going during their recent server change. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate your hard work to keep us up to our eyeballs in wonderful writing! You are the best!