Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lately, in London...

It is now a little after 1AM. I really should learn to control myself. But alas, I have yet again let myself be enticed into another marathon reading. This is NOT a good thing, as I am really trying hard to go to bed before 11. Really!

I just finished reading unina's lovely story Love and Acceptance. I had actually started this story some time ago, but didn't keep up with it. Which makes me think of my ongoing debate with myself- WIP??? Or Completed stories only??? I can make a good argument both ways. But today...well, I'm really glad I read a completed story!

Love and Acceptance tells the story of a lovably OCD Darcy and his enchantment with a free-spirited granola. This story had some wonderful moments...but I have to say, my favorites were Richard being afraid, VERY afraid, of Mary, the environmental ninja. When she attacked him at the Bennet house, I laughed my head off! I am also in awe of unina's wit; the story had me rolling with some of the slight barbs and descriptions!

Unina has also posted a vignette for Mother's Day, entitled Goddess. Both Goddess and Love and Acceptance are posted at HG and AHA, and are rated R/MA.

Now, unina, will we get another vignette in which we find out if Darcy overheard Mary correctly outside Liam's door? I'm really hoping for an odd-couple here!

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