Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visiting Hunsford

Things are hopping over at AHA right now.

I was sorry to see a very good thing come to an end today as CaseyC posted the final chapter of her clever little story Single Until... (Rated MA). This has been a fun and witty read. I love anything that combines Jane Austen with references to Manolo Blahnik!

But, as is often the case, when one story completes, another begins. Today, there were two new beginnings, Worlds Apart and It Was Bliss.

In my book, Spock was always the sexiest alien thing on two legs. Even more than Captain Kirk or even (gulp!) Khan. (Really, it almost pains me to write that last bit...) For those who agree with me, we have a new story to drool over. Worlds Apart (Rated R/MA and written by newcomer rev_jo) is set in a not-so-distant future when we have Made Contact. As is often the case, D'arcy is royalty, or the alien equivalent thereof, and coming to mingle with those of us who...well, aren't. This story has an excellent beginning, and I hope that a new chapter will post soon- I am curious to see exactly how D'arcy reacts to our dear Miss Bennet.

Zuki's T-rated It Was Bliss is slightly more traditional, and is (gulp!) promising a bit of angst. I did manage, however, to take myself in hand and read the story anyway. I can definitely see some angst starting, and I have some theories on what form that angst will take, but I will not reveal any of that here. According to the author's note, this story does not follow canon, but does keep the E&D pairing together; therefore, I can read knowing all will turn out in the end. As this story opens, an hung-over Elizabeth wakes in a strange room, with a man behind her. Need we speculate as to who this will be? I already love this characterization of William, he is so adorably sweet!

And don't forget to participate in May is for Merriment before it ends this weekend! There are some hysterical quickies posted in the Authors section, including one of my own humbling offerings. Check them out and enjoy the hilarity!

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