Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shocked and Amused!

I am all astonishment!

In our oh-so-scientific, terribly-accurate, and completely-reliable poll, not only did Colin Firth LOSE to Matthew McFayden, he lost by 9 votes! NINE VOTES, PEOPLE!!!!

I really am blown away! When I put this poll up, I was certain our dear Mr. Firth would win by a long-shot. I have been proven wrong. Dear Mr. McFayden has quite a following.

And thank you to the record-setting number of people who voted! Particularly to those who voted "both" or "no tomatoes" with me- there are a small faction of us and we should stick together!

Final Results:

Colin Firth: 50
Matthew McFayden: 59
Both: 8
No Tomatoes: 4

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