Saturday, June 14, 2008


I, like many of my fellow readers, have been anxiously awaiting the next post of Half Such a Sum. This week, we finally were rewarded for our patience.

And shocked to death when all of a sudden, the words "Epilogue" flashed across my screen.

Half is over???

Shelby had been warning us for some time, but it was still a shock to my sensibilities. This is the end of an era, and I really nearly cried to see it end. The story ended in a sweet way, without answering many of the questions burning in my mind. The epilogue answered all but one of those questions... namely, whether or not Georgiana and Edmund Metcalfe are allowed to marry. I think there is a large contingent of us who would love to see that; as a reformed rake is always the best kind of husband to have.

I loved that Isabella got her comeuppance over Craigmore, that Craigmore got his just desserts (just as good as seeing him die in a pirate's captivity of spattergroit!), and that all who should be together are together in the end. Still, perhaps there will be another story? In which that one question is answered?

Shelby, this is epic. We, your readers, will forever be grateful that you shared it with us.

Half is posted on HG.

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The Cajun Asian said...

Can you tell me how long "Half Such a Sum" was? I have a copy on my HD up to Chapter 149, and then when I was going to go and see if she updated, HG went down forever, and never got to the end. :( Is she posting else where??? I want to know what happens! Thank you!