Saturday, June 14, 2008

RL has been a bear the last couple of weeks (as evidence by my lack of posts), but one highlight was the opportunity I took of (finally!) watching the recently aired BBC production of Sense and Sensibility, which I Tivo'd at my parent's house.

I loved this adaptation. And I do not like Sense and Sensibility as a general rule, Marianne irritates me to death.

This production was in keeping with the quality of the ITV productions from last year, and were beautifully adapted. There are many improvements over the Emma Thompson version from 1996; Harry Dashwood (perfectly cast!) makes an appearance, and Mrs. Ferrars is a stern and intimidating figure. My favorite casting decision, though, was David Morrisey as Col. Brandon. He is the right age, moderately handsome with an air about him, and exactly as described in the book. Overall, this was a delightful production that I cannot wait to add to my DVD collection.

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